how to make a ruched bodice dress or wedding dress


We found out that there are many people searching “how to make a ruched bodice dress or wedding dress” by google, but there is no one exact tutorial on it , regarding this title, there are some other keywords for you to find this article. It is just to collect most of  articles or blog on the ruched[……]

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Funny wedding cake toppers Make your wedding unique and memories

funny fishing pole wedding cake toppers


A cake topper is the finishing touch for the entire wedding cake package. Regardless of how beautiful cake is, you need a little figurine on top to make it interesting. Wedding cakes toppers are prevalent from many generations, but themes, designs, and tec[……]

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Great Quality Cheap Wedding Dresses under 200 USD

cheap wedding dresses under 200 usd

Your wedding day is without a doubt a standout among st essential days of your life, and the most expensive one too. For the bride, maybe an important factor in the shopping list is her wedding dress.For some individuals, the wedding dress ought to be a custom full-length dress in white, symbolizing[……]

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Selecting Wedding Favors

When selecting favors for your wedding there are a number of factors you should consider before making your final decision. Some couples do not give enough consideration to their wedding favors and this is quite unfortunate because the wedding favor is the one part of the wedding which your guests w[……]

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Wedding Toast Activities

Giving a toast is a responsibility that puts fear in the speaking hearts of most members of a wedding party. While it’s not usually something that is particularly long or involved, it’s public speaking (which doesn’t sit well with many people) and really puts people on the spot.

If you are plan[……]

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2016 A line Bateau Neckline Beaded Bodice Gauze Wedding Dress with Veil

If your wedding is close by, you need to design or buy a wedding dress. These days there are many where you can get a variety of wedding dresses and gowns. These wedding dresses are available in a large number of designs, sizes and materials. Today, let us introduce one of 2016 A line Bateau Necklin[……]

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Make a Checklist for your Wedding

Wedding is one of the most important and beautiful things of our life. It means the end of single  and the new starting of 2 people.  So, it’s very important for creating a stylish. Memorable and fanning wedding.

Do you like a simple and fresh wedding, or a fancy or luxurious wedding, or a romant[……]

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Sexy Bateau Neckline Strapless Beaded Bodice Lace Wedding Dress


Normally the wedding dress is in white or ivory color. Did you see a hot red color wedding dress? Today let us have a check the red wedding dress.

Sexy Bateau Neckline Strapless Beaded Bodice Lace Wedding Dress,

Hot color Wedding dress

Sexy Wedding dress floor length.

Composing Original Wedding Vows

Traditional wedding vows, unique wedding vows, funny wedding vows, wchich kind do you like?

Unique wedding vows are phrases you place together to make your feelings known for your partner. Wedding ceremony vows tend to be claims of affection, that you are willing to spend your life collectively, [……]

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