Funny wedding cake toppers Make your wedding unique and memories


A cake topper is the finishing touch for the entire wedding cake package. Regardless of how beautiful cake is, you need a little figurine on top to make it interesting. Wedding cakes toppers are prevalent from many generations, but themes, designs, and technology used have undergone dramatic changes. The custom of bride and groom in formal wedding attire was popular in North America and Canada until 50s, which represented the concept of togetherness. But, cake toppers have advanced since that time.

funny fishing pole wedding cake toppers

funny fishing pole wedding cake toppers

Nowadays, you have a wider choice than ever before. Apart from standard cake toppers, in which little figurines resembling the couples are crafted using 3D renderings, now, you can showcase a romantic and irreverent spirit of your love through these cake toppers. So, there is good news for the people, who are still not jazzed up about cake toppers. Here are some amazing ideas and themes to make your wedding party downright fun!

Romantic-Now you can express romance through figurines, intertwined hearts, and doves, etc. and these accessories are not necessarily expensive, as you can always find an option, which is in your budget. So, apart from expensive porcelain figurines, you can also go for intertwined hearts, which cost much less.

Fun– There are numerous choices if you want to add an element of fun. You can go for a cartoon couple, a wire sculpture or a theme based on an activity that both of you enjoy, such as a couple enjoying fishing, skating or surfing, etc. You can also create cake toppers based on your profession, so you can always create figurines dressed like doctors, firefighters, baseball players, naval officers, and armed forces personnel.

Monograms – Monograms can be a hot choice! Now, you can create monograms with the first initials of your name. You can order a rhinestone cake topper with the color of the stone that matches your wedding theme.

Ethnic – Ethnic cake toppers are in great demand these days. It’s possible now to mix your ethnic heritage with a traditional wedding cake. So, regardless of whether you are from a South Asian, Middle Eastern, African, Chinese, or Hispanic, East Asian ethnic background, you can buy ethnic cake toppers, which are custom-made for you.

So, we can say that there are limitless choices for couples, as far as custom cake toppers are concerned. All you have to do is to tell your cake topper supplier what you would like on your special day and how much you can afford.


Wedding is the most special day of your life. To add elegance and style as well as fun people adopt different methods. In recent times, wedding cake toppers are very popular among people. The wedding cake topper will add extra-ordinary touch to your special event. Bobble head or wobblers are widely used as wedding cake toppers. Moreover, these bobble heads are a unique gift to endow at any special occasion. You can personalize nodding dolls as per your needs and requirements. These unique products will truly maximize your event whether it is wedding, birthday, anniversary, engagement and other special events. These dolls can be crafted to meet specific needs and requirements.

Moreover, with the availability of the internet, it has become quick and convenient for you to search such products without any hassle. You can find or explore top- notch companies providing impressive bobble head as per your needs and requirements whenever you desire. They are exclusive personalized dolls that are sculpted according to your demand. Entire bobble heads are made up of a finest poly resin material which can be molded accordingly in a much easier way. Clients can get complete customer satisfaction as they provide wide selection skin color, eyes, hairs, clothing style, and much more to fabricate best bobble head doll. They employ a dedicated team of experts who have immense experience and highly skilled in designing impeccable bobble head that exactly looks like you.

Their professional uses advance and effective techniques to fabricate unique wedding cake toppers within less time. They add a special touch to your wedding as well as filled it with joy, fun, and emotions. These cake toppers are unique and look similar to the couple that’s why it is mostly used for great wedding cake decorations. Presenting such bobble head will truly surprise both bride and groom. Moreover, they are the perfect gift to leave a long lasting impression on the family, friends and other guest present on the event.

The entire collection of personalized groomsmen gifts is quite popular due to outstanding features and appearance. They are an impeccable gift item for people who participated in the wedding. You can brose their website to place your order as well as upload your picture to obtain incredible bobble head that exactly resembles to your face and personality. So, opt for a credible company that caters all your need and demand of custom bobble head at affordable prices.


Funny wedding cake topper is unusual because they are an original way of spicing up and adding an element of humor to your otherwise very serious occasion. If it so happens that your bride (or groom) is of a different race, an interracial topper will be the perfect way to celebrate the diverseness between the two of you. Is are a great way to express the freedom of your choice regarding your life partner.

On the other hand, if you and the one are chosen by your heart are of the same race, and you just want to have a good time and do something funny that will be remembered, an interracial wedding-cake-topper is also a great way to do that. It gets even better if you want to surprise your partner and conveniently “forget to let them know” that you’ve chosen a cake topper to represent you on your dream wedding. Think of it this way – the interracial wedding-cake-topper you ordered will either make them angry (which is a realistic option), or they will more likely be amused by it, and you’ll have a great lifetime memory.

These can also be used if you’re the best man, for example, and you want to pull a trick on your best friend, the groom. Even in the opposite situation, the bride is bound to burst into laugh if she sees herself as a member of another race in her wedding cake topper.

Funny toppers are a way to both make unforgettable memories and pay your respect to your significant other. Funny wedding cake toppers can be made in some sizes, colors, races, outfits and positions that are solely your choice. Why not make your wedding cake the theme of the party with a custom made cake topper?

When the wedding is done, you can turn this type of cake toppers into key chains and have them by your side all the time, in a way that reminds you of the most important day of your life. Make no mistake, interracial wedding cake toppers are a perfect solution for many reasons, and whichever one you choose, there is no way you’ll regret it.